What is a Goal?

goal is something you desire to get to in future, in order to achieve a certain satisfaction in your life. They are the things that gives your life a purpose.

A goal usually has a some attributes to it :

  1. It should have a Purpose
  2. It should be Time bound
  3. It need a Systematic approach

What happens when there is a lack of focus?

When you lose your focus you are bound to lag behind you set schedule. If could not reach to that stage you aimed, you get into a state of anxiety.  Anxiety in turn lowers your performance level. It will make you feel de-motivated and let down by yourself. And in end you tend to be a bit depressed about it.

But it’s never too late. It’s natural to feel depressed at that point.

But what is not OK is that you STAY depressed. It is a negative energy and that is going to attract more negativity into your life, if you let it take over your mind.

Your mind is such a powerful thing. If you tell your mind that you are can’t get to your goal, it’s going to believe you. And if you tell it that you are going to achieve your goal, then also it will believe you. So, isn’t it better to tell your mind that you are going to bounce back.

Tips to achieve your Goal without fail

In order to achieve your goals you need to be disciplined in life.

We will now check out the steps you can take to get to your goals.

And if you are someone who failed to reach your goal before, check out if you did the following things.

  • Goal clarity:

First thing you need is, to have goal clarity.

Have a clear goal and set perfectly in your mind. Without setting an ultimate goal you would not have a proper direction. Without a direction you would be walking blind. Once you get your aim right, you can easily set a path towards it. It’s like when you are in a game, your aim is to win. That’s your goal – to win the game.

Also the goals you are trying to achieve should be your own

So if you are someone who had a set goal and yet you had trouble in achieving it, then check if it was indeed you goals in the first place.

You have seen the movie 3 idiots? In that the role played by Madhavan gives you the exact picture of someone who’s goal was set by someone else. His goal was initially set by his father –i.e to be an engineer. But when he chose to follow his passion, he ended up becoming a great photographer.

So unless it’s YOUR goals that you are chasing, you will not have the motivation to go on. You will not be interested in working towards it and you will leave it when you get the first chance or when you have a slightest set back. When someone else set it for you, the moment you feel the resistance you starts thinking that your goal might not be achievable.

  • Clear purpose:

You should be clear about why you want to achieve the goal. Having the clarity of purpose will give you the sense of achievement when you reach your goal.

I will make it a bit clear for you.

Imagine your goal is to lose weight, what is reason behind it? It’s because you want to improve your Physical Health, isn’t it. So improving health is the reason, the purpose behind your goal.

It’s this purpose that drives you towards  your goal.

  • Set your path and pace:

Once you know where you are going, you set a path on which you have to move to reach your goal, and thereby fulfill your purpose.

You need to determine the best suitable way for you to reach them. Only you know the path that suits you, no one else.

Same thing goes with the pace too. For some it might take only a few months but for others it might take a little longer. It all depends on the goal and the path and your pace.

Make sure the path you choose is something that suits you.

  • Set minor milestones:

Sometimes the goal that you have set for yourself could seem quite overwhelming compared to the level where you are now. So break it into small milestones. Kind of sub goals that you can achieve. It’s like the different levels you need to complete in a game, in order to advance forward.

On each passing level you will know you are one step closer to your targeted goal. Each step achieved will make you gain more confidence and it will make your ultimate goal look achievable. How wonderful that feeling will be, isn’t it?

  • Make the move:

Now that every plan is in place – you goals, purpose, the path, the sub goals – it’s time for the action. Unless and until you make that first move, all the plans are going to be wasted. Often what happens is, you are afraid to take the first step. You keep thinking you are not ready or that you will start tomorrow.

Do not wait for a tomorrow to begin and there will never be a perfect time and you will never be completely ready for what is to come. So, make your move today, now. You can always refine your steps as you move along.

  • Reach out for help:

For some reason, most of us face this huge insecurity, when we find we are ignorant about something. There is always this feeling that others might think less of us if they find out about our lack of understanding of certain things. But think about it. Would you have learned anything in life worth learning, if you always have kept that attitude? No, right? So be like a child in asking questions. Haven’t you noticed how they keep on asking questions until they have the answers? Be like that. Ask enough questions. Get the help of other knowledgeable people out there. There is no shame in seeking knowledge at any age or any stage in your life. Keep an open mind towards knowledge. Learn from even a kid, if they are better than you. Get a good mentor. Learn new skills that will help you with your purpose. Read books or take courses for the areas in which you need improvement.

  • Keep track:

Always keep a track of your achievements. Analyzing your achievements is equally important as working towards your goals.

Your ultimate aim is to improve yourself, in whatever way you can. But without analyzing where you are right now, how will you know if you have progressed or not.

So make sure you keep track on everything. Understand the steps you have covered, the time you took to reach where you are, the methods implemented, what adjustments / improvements you can make to fine tune your progress etc. This will help you immensely in your journey towards your goal.

  • Keep away from distractions:

There will always be numerous distractions that comes you way, when you are moving  towards a goal. Discouraging words from others, your laziness and procrastination, lack of self esteem etc. Never let any such things let you down. Let go of your past failures. Do not pay attention to negative comments from others, there will always be people who find fault in whatever you do. But take constructive criticism into consideration. You may not be instantly successful, but your efforts will pay off in the end.

Another major distraction could be social media.

What is the amount of time that you spend in social media for entertainment?

While they are necessary at times to keep yourself updated about the latest trends and news, it can be a huge waste of time if not used wisely.

Try not to waste your productive time on it. Never get carried away with social media, but use it wisely. Like if you are a coach, or you own a business you can use social media very effectively to market it. Be diligent in using social media.

  • Take an occasional break:

Between all the above juggling, you should never forget to take a break. That’s right! Break time. Always find a certain amount of time to get relaxed and rejuvenated. It could be spending quality time alone or with your loved ones, meditating, playing sports etc. Or a better option – play with kids. The happiness it gives you is immense. When you play with a kid, you will find yourself having a lighter heart. It will help you forget your problems for a while. And that break might provide you with a fresh perspective on your problems also.

  • Get back on track

After your break, get right back on track. Do not prolong your break so much that you lose your focus. Get back to your journey, keep moving forward and in the end you will find your success.

With that I’m winding up for now. I deeply appreciate your feedback. Please leave yours in the comments section below.

Meanwhile here are some books you can read to help your further with your goals !!!

  • Creating Your Best Life,by Caroline Miller
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals Made Simple,by S.J. Scott
  • The Slight Edge,by Jeff Olson
  • The Magic of Thinking Big,by David J. Schwartz

Happy reading !!






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