Being honest in life and the benefits of it


We grew up hearing that – Honesty is the best policy. Have written endless essays about it. Yet very few practice it. Have you ever wondered why it is so? I think, people finds it easier to get out of a tough situation by saying a simple easy lie. And sometimes we can get away with it too. Once we get the taste of an easy escape, we often end up repeating the same thing.

So what’s so best about this Policy that some very solemnly practice it? Honesty in other sense means, being true in what you say and also in your deeds. We may not be great scholars, or achievers or popular, but we still will be considered a respectful person if others know that you are an honest person. And of course such an opinion can only be attributed to you, if you practice it without fail. So honesty brings respect.

Those who practice it have to be courageous. It takes a strong will to walk the path of honesty. When life puts you in a difficult position a dishonest person falters easily. But if you have strong enough mind to respond honestly, people will realize your worth in the end. So practicing honesty make you a courageous person.

It helps us to have a calm enough life. You don’t have to watch your back all the time. Imagine you had lied about something to someone. You will have to remember what you said the next time you meet that person. And what if you are coming across each other after a long gap and you forgot what was said earlier. Ah! the dilemma of not remembering your own words. It puts you in quite a fix, isn’t it? And if you take a chance and end up saying something other than what you said earlier? You could be inviting big trouble.

Also once you start lying, you often find yourself adding another one on top of it. To cover up one you will end up lying again and again. And keeping all those connected with each other is going to be another big task. Besides, the truth is bound to come out at some point and then people will realize how tricky you were and you will lose your credibility. Once you are caught lying, there will not be anyone who will believe you again. Isn’t it much better and safe to stick with the truth? And you will have a whole lot of space left in your brain for better creativity.

Being honest will earn you trust. When people know that you are an honest person they will have trust you naturally. You won’t have to try to convince the people, as they know they can trust you with being truthful. Once you gain others’ trust and keep maintaining it, you will have very good relationship with others. Honesty is the basis of an open trustworthy relationship.

Honesty enhances your self-esteem. You see, when you try an easy escape with a lie, you demean yourself. And even if you can fool others easily, you cannot hide from yourself. You will always have that feeling deep down that you didn’t come out clean. And if your dishonesty affects someone badly, you will develop a feeling of guilt in you which you will not be able to ignore. You will find blaming yourself and it will have an adverse effect on your self-esteem. Think about it!

People end up lying often to avoid uncomfortable conversations or to keep a secret or to get a privilege. We never think about the consequences a simple lie can lead up to. We see endless examples in our daily lives, of how people end up losing something or someone valuable, so dear to their hearts, just because they happen to say one small lie. They might have avoided the tragedies if they had been open about the truth.

It’s hard to resist the temptation of lying, when we can have an instant escape with it. But it will not be good in the long run. So we should always try to keep fighting for the truth. Anything worth having will always be difficult to achieve. But it’s not impossible to attain. You will definitely get the result if you put your heart and mind to it. Like they say, practice makes a man perfect. Start practicing now. You wouldn’t want yourself being lied to, right? So always remind yourself that the other person also likes to be told the truth and not some fancy lie. Think about the positive effects being honest will have in your life. It will earn you other’s respect. It will make you a courageous person. It will get people to put their trust in you. It will enhance your self-esteem. It will help you have beautiful relationships. Being honest will only add value to your life. Be that person whom anyone can put their trust in, no matter how hard the situation is. Be the better you always.



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