The best lesson that life teaches you


Beginning with a small poem :


Oh! Rose Oh! Rose

How well you pose

That life’s too short

You like it or not


From bud to blossom

You are so awesome

Seeing your hues

One forget the blues


Oh! Rose Oh! Rose

How well you choose

To smile for those

Who plucks you close


Until you wither

You teach every other

To live life to the best

And be at peace when you rest


A small and simple thing as a flower teaches us the basic concept of life, that our life is very short in this beautiful world. Live it fully, treasure every moment of it, so that when your times is over, you leave it happy without any regrets of having just existed in this world.


Life is what you make of it. And however hard you try you might end up messing it up at times. You cannot give up on life just because you made some mistakes. Making mistakes are also part of living. Learn from them; get inspired by them; so that it will make you a better person. You will never know if you made the right choice, until you make your fair share of mistakes. So just go ahead and mess it up so that you end up refined in the end. At least you will have the satisfaction of living your life the way you want it. Not by someone else’s definition of life.


Just look around you, everything that you see is a miracle, including us. Ever wondered how a small seed becomes a big tree. We all know the science behind it. But have you ever thought about the miracle of life behind it?  Have you ever wondered how our body works so miraculously well coordinated that we walk, talk, breathe and think all at the same time? And yet we can understand and distinguish all those activities for what it is. It’s a well organized, ever functioning miracle. If any one of our organs does not perform even slightly; we suffer in body and mind. Each and every living being in this earth is a miracle. Such a beautiful life is given to us, rather loaned to us; do not waste it on petty differences and spiteful behaviors. Instead make it more beautiful by adding value to it.


We live in this world as though we are going to be in it forever.  It never occurs to us that we also have an expiry date somewhere in the future. Let’s be realistic, what is in future for us is unpredictable.  Worrying about future will only make your living miserable. Give your hundred percent now and let the future unfold in its own time. Usually we end up wasting the most part of this precious life thinking – “after I’ve achieved something in life, then I will take a break; then I will have the fun.” Do not hesitate; learn to live in the present. Enjoy the now-time fully, so that you won’t feel cheated out of life’s happiness, when it’s time to go. Be aware that it can be over in just a blink of an eye. Never back off from living your life.


But keep in mind other’s happiness too. In your vigor to live your life, never be a pain in someone else’s. Then the whole point of being the miracle will be lost. Live it in such a way that at least one person in this world will thank Almighty that you were there in their life. Be such a person that your memory always brings a smile on their face. A beautiful flower has a soothing effect on your troubled mind. Be like that flower that blossoms for everyone, giving comfort and happiness. Be a valuable person in someone’s life, be that someone who is indispensable in their life. Learn to forgive those who hurt you, because you can stay hurt only till that time you let yourself be hurt. Once you learn to keep aside the differences and bad feelings and move on, you will be at peace with yourself as well as others. Do not waste your precious life in petty differences and violent revenges.


Think about it. What are your dreams? Are you working to fulfill that? Are you happy with what you are doing now? Are you living your life, instead of just existing? If you are not, then it’s time for you to take action now.


Start every day afresh. Don’t let the past experiences pull you down today. Live in the present moment. Be who you are. Do not let others define your life. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. Make your failures a stepping stone towards a better life. Discover yourself in the process. Pursue that dream of yours with full on determination and hard work. Never compromise on your dreams. Take action now. Get control of your life. If you feel you are in the wrong direction, turn around. You may have to start from scratch again. But you will find yourself thriving on it. Be grateful that you have this wonderful opportunity of living itself. Enjoy each and every moment of life like it’s the last. Love life and it will love you back.


With Love,







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