How can you boost your confidence


Believe in yourself.


Have you had difficulty in making that first step? I know I did. I still do when I’m trying out something new. Every time I think of doing something, I kind of freeze midway and start having second thoughts. Forget second, third and fourth thoughts also. It’s hard for me to make myself start. But then it always comes to my mind – How can you convince others to have faith in you, if you don’t have that belief in yourself? And that keeps me moving towards that first step. Once that step is taken, there is no turning back. That first step is a HUGE one. But once past that, you will be able take yourself forward. And mostly thrive in what you started. And you will feel like kicking yourself, when you realize that you delayed it just because of your lack of confidence.


I will share my experience in here. You see, I sing a little bit. I’m not an expert in singing, nor do I have any formal training. And I’m not claiming that I’m a wonderful singer either. What I’m saying is about the lack of confidence I used to feel. I never used to sing in public. Whenever someone asked me to sing anything, I used to just pretend I didn’t hear that. What generally happened was, I go blank the moment someone asks me to sing. My mouth went dry just when I hear my name and no song came to my mind. I’m sure most of you know the feeling. Even though I know that, the ones who are asking for a song is doing it just to have a fun happy moment, that they are not looking for a professional singer, I never could make myself to take that first step. By the time I muster the confidence, the moment will most certainly be lost. Someone else would be basking in the glory that could have been mine. And mostly the realization hits me only then, that even though I’m are not the best, I’m certainly not bad than the one who is the limelight now. And I always used to regret about the opportunity lost later. That feeling of lost moment, when it strikes you, can be too much to bear at times. And it further pulls down your confidence.


I lay bare my mind for those few, who are going through similar issues.I will share some things that I implemented to get myself out there, in hope that it helps you to make that move of yours, with much more confidence than you have right now. I’m not saying that you will succeed or excel in your choice, but you certainly will not regret, not to have tried at least once. I believe that everything worth having doesn’t come easy. You will have to fight for it. Sometimes with others, sometimes with yourself.  And who knows, one day you might grow to be such a big success, even you will feel surprised.


So here it goes…

The first thing you need is to get rid of negative thoughts. They say your thought has the power to manifest itself. If you think you are not good enough you will probably end up just that. So kick that out of your mind right now. It’s not that it is wrong to have such thoughts coming to your mind. Just not let it eat your head all the time. Let it come, as it mostly do without your permission, but just brush it aside. You have much better things to do with your mind.


Secondly you need to have a clear knowledge of yourself. Ascertain your worth yourself, not let anyone dictate you on that. But you can take an opinion from a friend or your family. Because whether you know or not, they notice you closely. That best friend of yours or your mom or dad, can catch the slightest discomfort you might be feeling. They will be able to read you like a book. Talk to them. Just having a conversation can relieve you off your doubts so easily.


Improve the areas that you think you need to work on. Make an effort to better yourself. Once you clear the grey areas, you will learn that you have gained more confidence. Because now you know, that you have worked on your minus points and that gives that tremendous feeling of achievement. The realization brings within you the much awaited boost of confidence. It will let you spread your wings and fly.


Keep yourself away from negative people. By negative people we mean, those who always try to find fault in everything you do. Be around people who support you. The feeling of love you get from your support group will be something that will keep you up on your feet. It will encourage you to better yourself further.


Start exercising or Yoga. It’s proven. I was a lazy bum when it comes to exercising. But since I started working out, the energy level it gives me is so great. It is said that exercise stimulates brain chemicals, which in turn helps in reducing the anxiety and stress. It will help you sleep better. A well-rested mind can do wonders, isn’t it? Exercise will somehow make you want to get yourself in order. To get the creative side of you working. And moreover it will better your appearance and that is an additional confidence booster. And I’m talking from my experience. Yoga just keeps your mind at peace. The calmness it gives to your mind is just beyond words.


All these will definitely help you build the confidence you need to get going. I hope, I have convinced you enough to try it. Even if not, just humor me. Try it for a few weeks. I’m sure you will see the difference.


Ps: I have started posting my songs on YouTube now. And you can see in those videos, that I’m still working on that confidence thing every day. I need to keep practicing it and you must too. Get going. Work your way into boosting your confidence.




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