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I’m a working Indian women of 37 years. Married, with two lovely kids and a wonderful husband and an aged mother-in-law. This thought came to me one day. Why do most of the Indian women, who have the potential in them, remain in the same position all through there lifetime, be it a homemaker or a small time employee, and not aspire to become what they are really capable of. Please take note that I’m not talking about the successful, career oriented women who can handle everything perfectly easy, be it job or home. Some have such a powerful mindset to ride through it like a dream. And they are much honored and revered in who they are and what they have become. I was thinking about a seemingly average woman like me. And when I pictured my life, certain thoughts came to my mind. I’m sharing those with you wonderful people out there. Please feel free to express yours in comments below. May be I can get some more insight into it.

So why is an average homemaker reluctant to take a different direction than the one she is going right now? The responsibility of an average homemaker, married and having a child, is quite a handful. If she also happens to have a job then the pressure is more. The daily routine, usually take a toll on us after a while. Rising early, making breakfast for family, getting children ready for school, get ourselves ready for work, reach office on time, break our back on the poorly paid day job (and some of them pays so meager), run back home after work, again tending to kids and others, finding time in between all these to keep the house presentable, do laundry, dinner, getting kids to bed (and that is a task, if you ask me) and finally when all these are over, we will be so tired, we just want to hit the bed somehow. And just as we close the eyes it will be time for another day’s routine. Have you ever had that feeling of just having gone to sleep minutes before when you wake up? Yeah. I know. Our life gets wasted in these daily runs and suddenly one day the realization hits. What were we doing these many years? Where is life going? We could’ve lived a better life, a much more happy life, had we had paid a little attention to us as an individual. If only the thought had come earlier. Again, once you end up in an okay job and once you start enjoying the little added monetary security it gives us, you tend to make yourself satisfied with it. Could be because, you get so used to it, you feel like you might not be able to do any other job than what you have right now. And the fear of financial difficulties that losing a job can create is an added encouragement to keep clinging to the present one. If it is a demanding job like mine then you had it. You end up toiling yourself all day for much less than you are actually worth. But wait, it’s not too late. They say age is just a number. So even if you are in your 60’s don’t worry. You are still young to try something new.

You can have a change in your life if you will give a little bit of attention to yourself. Spend a little bit of time for yourself. In my case the change started with our COVID lockdowns. One fine day we were sent home, equipped with our office systems and our work from home days began as easily as that. Even though our work load had dropped drastically, we were all supposed to be at our desk, just in case something came up. Everyone was expecting these COVID days to be soon over. But apparently COVID-19 had other intensions and the social restrictions are still on even in August. Anyways, suddenly I had so much amount of free time with me; I was not sure what to do with it at first. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would have so much free time at the expense of my employer. But, then I realized I’m practically wasting the time that I could invest in myself. After that I just couldn’t waste my time simply sitting. I was so much used to working continuously during office hours, that I couldn’t digest the thought of sitting simply staring at your computer screen. So I started going through the small courses our company has provided. Once I finished all those I started checking other courses in the internet and so started my worthy online learning.

Till then, internet to me was something we checked for entertainment or information about something. Now I realize that those are not all. I never thought about how those information got there in the first place and why would someone spend that much time putting it there unless it is worth something. The multitude of knowledge that we can acquire, the vast opportunity that internet based jobs gives us is just mind blowing. I was amazed how people are monetizing different tools on internet in such fascinating ways. People are making money just by posting videos on YouTube. And this has been going on for many years, it’s just, I haven’t thought of such a thing as a huge possibility. I should say my bad and my bad only. Internet gives you the reach that no other media can get you and that too, at a much lower price. You can advertise your business, your skills, products, anything on it, to the particular group of people that you want. Since almost everyone has a smart phone to their disposal these days and an internet connection in it, to reach out to people with what you can offer is easy. And I would never have known all these if it wasn’t for all the spare time I had now. I think I should thank COVID for it. If it wasn’t for Corona, I would still be running the old race. So whenever you are on internet, don’t just spend time on entertainment alone. Let it be spent on something productive. Let it be for something that can add value to your life.

What you need to do is start dedicating a little bit of time to you. Ask yourself these questions once in a while. Am I satisfied with where I am right now? Am I going in the right direction?Am I on a job that I enjoy? If not, can there be a different path that I can take? What are the new skills that I must learn to improve my work? Am I taking care of my health also along with my family? What steps should I take to make myself better? Evaluate yourself with these very relevant and important questions. Take corrective measures. It all comes with getting to know ourselves, our interests, and talents. We need to make that spare time to tend to our health, dreams and ambitions. There is no such thing as no-time. We can always find time to spare if we make up our mind. Take some classes, read guidance books, watch a motivational video or two. Some might nudge you in the right direction for sure. Take it up, work on it and improve yourself. When you take good care of your mind and body, you will be more equipped and active to take care of your family as well.

So all those talented women out there, get yourself out of your comfort zones. Find out the hidden talent in you. Do not let it go wasted. Now that most of you are in a position where the job you had is already non-existent or about to be, you certainly will have the time you were yearning for. Don’t worry too much. This is just a bend in the road. Take the route ahead with confidence, determination and hard work. Work more on your positives, find new platforms to perform and plan new ways to monetize it. Then you can live your dream, doing the work you love and gain the financial security you want. Live a happy, contended life with your loved ones, with no regrets what so ever.
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