Count your Blessings

We often complain about the things that we don’t have in our life. We are always in search of better things in life – A better vehicle, a better house, a better job, a better life situation.  And the list goes on. We are never satisfied with what we have in the present moment. You remember when you didn’t have a motor bike and wished you just had at least a small one. Now that you do have the motor bike, you are thinking – I need a car!!! I’m not saying you should not work for a better living. But in the struggle to make your life more comfortable, you tend to forget the good things that you have in your life right now.

Take small breaks from the race once in a while. Take a look at your life. Observe it closely. Then you will realize how much blessed your life is. Hey you! Who want a motor bike, do you know that there are so many out there who wish they had a bicycle like you have. Instead they have to walk many miles to get home and sometimes on barefoot. And you, who wish your apartment was a 4 bedroom one. There are thousands out there who wish they had a secured house so they can sleep at night without fear. And who complain how your mom irritates you with her calls, do you realize there are people who long to have someone who care for them, who makes them feel wanted, loved.

All those little things that you take for granted, you will only realize the worth of it, when you lose them. Make time to appreciate them. No matter what how small it is, they add value to your life. Your car may be small but it still gets you to office on time. Yes you want better car, and you will have it when you are capable of buying it. But why should that desire of you, keep you from appreciating the one you have right now? True you want a better job and with hard work and dedication you will get it one day. But the one you have now do help you pay your bills.

Most importantly, be grateful for the people in your life. They are the greatest blessing that you can ever have. The material things that you have, makes your life easier. But the people in your life makes it worth living. The little one that runs to you when you are back home or the parent who calls everyday just to know how you have been. The annoying friend who will nag you until you end up telling what’s bothering you and hear you out till the end even if he can’t give any valuable advice. The colleague who asks you if you are ok when you are without your usual smile and drags you out for a cup coffee. Your spouse who stand by you through the toughest phase of your life. All of them plays their small part in making your life beautiful. Appreciate them, don’t let go of them. Don’t keep them away from your life that in the end they leave you alone.

Once you start noticing your life more closely, you will realize that you are blessed with much more than you actually deserve. You still have the privileges of having a home, wonderful people around you and a decent job, even after being so ungrateful, complaining, demanding and what not. So learn to appreciate the blessings in your life. Be happy that you have them. Value them and treat them with due respect, because you never know when it will be taken away from you. And if and when you lose it, don’t be devastated. But be grateful for the value it added to your life. Because remember, there are millions of people who are less fortunate than you.

With love


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  1. Dear
    Counting each and every day the blessings that God has showered upon us-
    All that I have is none of what I did , but is the result of prayers of parents and loved ones.
    About comforts – it’s how we look into it-
    when you and me being an individual- a four bed room home might be a comfort for u but it would be a necessity for me- as there was a time when I wasn’t married and have no child’s – those days a bike would satisfy my needs or a single bedroom would satisfy my needs – but now it’s my necessity to have a 4 bedroom flat.

    Hence needs are clubbed with necessity.


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