Welcome to Life As You See.

The idea of this blog is to record the thoughts and ideas that we have about life as we see day by day, the reflections of life in general. We come across all kinds of situations and people in life. Some will make you happy, some sad, some will make you think, some will make you react. All of them will leave a mark in you. They will change your view of life, sometimes violently and some time so subtly. Keep close to your heart those that bring something positive into your life and do not let the bad ones pull you down. Because life is a lovely journey that you have to live with an open heart. Everything you experience in life has a timeline to it. Good times or bad, it will pass. What you will be left with, will be your experiences. Let those make you richer in life. Let those make you thrive.

So love your life and live your life and BE HAPPY ALWAYS!!!!