The impact of right words in your life

In a wellness session that I attended recently I heard these words and it stayed with me. I would like to share my thought on that. This is how it goes – “Everything that comes out of the human body stinks, your sweat, your saliva, you secretions. The only thing that can come out sweet is your words. Let that also not stink.” What a simple way to say to use your words nicely, isn’t it?

Words have a very significant effect in our daily lives. We use it to communicate with each other. It helps us to make others understand us. Words are so powerful, they can be used to encourage or discourage. It can be used to inspire or can be the cause of despair. It’s up to you to choose the right way to use words. Or in some situations not use any at all. Use your words carefully as they have the power to build almost anything or destroy almost anything. One good word can be a life saver. At the same time a negative comment can ruin someone’s life.

Words have more power than actions. One, good with words, can make you believe whatever he wants. He can put ideas into your head and make you think that it was one of yours only. Words have a deep impact on our actions. It can change our way of life itself. Take the case of spiritual leaders. They inspire millions of people in such a powerful way that these people leave everything and follow their footsteps without even the slightest hesitation.

History has some classic examples of people who used the power of words to their advantage. Hitler was such a powerful orator that he convinced his people to rage war on other nations resulting in World War. Mahatma Gandhi convinced millions to follow his idea of non-violence in his journey of freedom fighting. The literary works of William Shakespeare are considered one of the finest in English literature and continues to influence many even now.

We may not be as influential as these great people. But we do play our small part in this world with our words in just the same manner. It’s reflected in the way we carry out activities in life. We have the power to create a positive environment with encouraging words. Instead we end up hurting others with our careless words. One hurtful word can spoil someone’s life altogether. An unthinking remark can ruin a beautiful relationship beyond repair. A harsh word can make someone take a drastic step in his life. So choose your words wisely. Always bear in mind that your words have the power to make or break someone’s life.

Let your words be an encouragement for someone to achieve his goals. Let your words give strength to a weak mind. Let your words give someone courage to fight for his happiness. Let your words bring comfort to a distressed soul. Let your words be an inspiration for someone. Let your words make someone feel special, loved. Let your words make others smile instead of frown. Let your words bring clarity on someone’s thoughts. Let your words bring wisdom for someone. Let your words have respect for others instead of hatred. Let your words calm a restless person. Let your words make people forget their differences. Let your words instill confidence in someone.

Let’s impact our lives and the world we live in, with the power of positive words.

With Love,




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