Welcome to Life As You See

Welcome to Life As You See.

Let me introduce myself first. I’m a married woman with 2 kids and a wonderful husband. A travel professional who likes to blog about our perception of life and how we can improve on it. I started my blogging in JUN2020, in the midst of Covid-19 lockdowns. Very late compared to all the wonderful bloggers out there. But I should say, the one positive thing that Covid brought to my life is, me starting to explore the Digital World. And my journey into it has opened up an entirely new platform for someone like me. Then I came across the idea of blogging. Since then I have been writing about different views on our lives journey.

I have been an advocate of looking at things in a positive way, from my younger years. So I think I will begin this blog with a note on positive thinking. Wikipedia says positive thinking may refer to optimism – a mental attitude that interprets situations and events as being the best.

I think that’s the simplest explanation to it. You can find all sorts of opinions about positive thinking. So I will give my opinion here. You can agree or disagree, it’s your choice. And I welcome your thoughts on that too.

I truly believe that whatever happens in life, happens for a reason and that something positive does come out of it. Be it a happy event or a sad one.

Of course a happy event couldn’t make you  anything else other than being happy. But imagine a tragic thing happening. You may be devastated at the time of it, but in the end you will realize, even that happened for good only.

I can give you an incident in my life itself. My father in law passed away in 2019. He was such a good soul. He had Parkinson’s and was suffering from memory loss too. He was close to 85 years. Towards the last months of his life, he was just like a baby. If he was given a fruit to eat, he was confused how to eat it.  Forget how to eat, he didn’t know it was eatable. If you went away from his side for a moment, after handing him an orange, it used to end up in his shirt pocket.

His condition was further deteriorated and he was bedridden for sometime. He had to be fed with a feeding tube, which he used to pluck out unknowingly at times. And to replace it was a pretty intense process. People who had or have loved ones bedridden would know the actual situation. You need to be there for them mentally, physically and emotionally. And then you wouldn’t know if the things that you are doing for them is actually doing them good or simply hurting them. Because in dad’s case he was not able to speak towards the end. So we didn’t know that when we changed his lying positions, that the sound he made was because he was irritated or if he was in pain. Towards his near end he didn’t even know how to spit out his phlegm. It was hard for us to see him so helpless.

It was so sad when he couldn’t even recognize my husband, his only son, towards the end. He was ex-military and a very able decision maker in our family. But in the final stages of his life he was literally like someone who didn’t know anything. He was like a baby, only growing backwards, day by day. He had to be tended to for everything. Him being someone who had a say in everything. Him who used to be the pillar of our family. Him who used to be the ultimate authority of our family.

Being him, we know for sure that if he had his memory in tact, he would’ve felt that he is a burden to us. Because he was someone who never wanted to cause anyone any trouble. So now when we look back, his memory loss was also a good thing that happened. Otherwise just imagine the pity that he must have felt for himself for not being able to carry out his needs without someone’s help. Imagine the humiliation he must have felt when he had to be taken care of like a child.

So yes he was an invalid towards the end. Yes we lost him too soon. But looking back, it was good he had memory loss because he didn’t have to feel the helplessness he otherwise would have had to suffer.  It was good he left us when he did,  because the way he was suffering physically towards the end, God had mercy on him to take him at that time.

Whenever you are pushed to a difficult situation, believe that this moment shall also pass. Because you are made to be strong at heart. Realize your worth. Rise up to your potential and in the end you will have a happy and contented life.

So take a positive view on what ever situation that you are in. Maybe you won’t be able to see it at the moment. But when you look back after sometime, you will be able to find something good in it. It’s all about how You see your life. View your life as a blessing and a blessing it will become.

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    • Truly said – whenever we are pushed to a difficult situation believe that moment shall also pass –
      we all know nothing is permanent, like wise God has given us the strength to endure things-
      The best we can do is to pass it on to the next generation as you have done by this article –


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