Self improvement and the ways to make you achieve it.


Are you someone who are searching for ways to improve yourself?  Well, here are some of the proven steps you can adopt to attain self improvement.

First we will cover what is self improvement itself. Self improvement is all those things that you do to get yourself at least one step better than what you are right now. It could be as simple as getting a proper haircut or being attired in decent cloths or learning a new skill or if you are a spiritual person, practicing meditation etc. Whatever you do to elevate yourself from your present situation is self improvement or upgrading yourself.


Benefits of self improvement

We will quickly go through the benefits of self improvement before we discuss the steps to achieve it.

  • Better opportunities:

Upgrading yourself opens up new and better opportunities for you. You take pains in upgrading a skill you need at work, you have a better chance of career advancement than your colleagues. Get rid of your bad habits and you get a better chance at acquiring and maintaining good relationships. Learn to play a musical instrument and you will find a better way for recreation.

  • Increased self-esteem:

Imagine that you are someone who is an expert in a simple tool like excel. Mind you excel is simple, but it is such a powerful tool when it comes to analysis and data segregation etc. Don’t you think people will come to you, if you are willing enough to help them?  The feeling that you get when you are able to help someone else is so satisfying that it increases your self-esteem. That boosts your confidence to another level.

  • Better you:

By far the biggest benefit that self development provides you is that, it makes you better. Every small improvement you make in your life, is ultimately changing you to a much better being. That in turn attracts better things in your life.


Ways to achieve self improvement

Now that you know, that it’s worth every effort that you put in towards upgrading yourself, lets get to the ways to achieve it.

  • Goal clarity:

Have a clear goal and set perfectly in your mind. Without setting an ultimate goal you would not have a proper direction. Without a direction you would be walking blind. Once you get your aim right, you can easily set a path towards it. It’s like when you are in a game, your aim is to win. That’s your goal – to win the game.

  • Clear purpose:

You should be clear about why you want to achieve the goal. Having the clarity of purpose will give you the sense of achievement when you reach your goal. Your purpose could be to gain respect and admiration on achieving an award, the goal.

  • Set your path:

Once you know where you are going, you set a path on which you have to move to reach your goal, and thereby fulfill your purpose. You need to determine the best possible way there is, to reach them. Make sure the path you choose is something that suits you. At your own pace.

  • Set minor milestones:

Sometimes the goal you have set yourself can be quite overwhelming compared to the place where you are now. So break it into small milestones. Kind of sub goals that you can achieve. Like the different levels you need to complete in a game, in order to advance forward. On each passing level you will know you are one step closer to your targeted goal. Each milestone will add to your confidence, till you are triumphant in the end. How wonderful that feeling will be, isn’t it?

  • Make the move:

Now that every plan is in place – you goals, purpose, the path, the sub goals – it’s time for the action. Unless and until you make that first move, all the plans are going to be wasted. Oftentimes, you are afraid to take the first step. You keep thinking you are not ready or that you will start tomorrow. Do not wait for a tomorrow to begin and there will never be a perfect time that you will be completely ready for what is to come. So, make your move today, now. After the first step, everything will go smoothly.

  • Reach out for help:

For some reason, most of us face this huge insecurity, when we find we are ignorant about something. There is always this feeling that others might think less of us, if they find out about our lack of understanding of certain things. But think about it. Would you have learned anything in life worth learning, if you always have kept that attitude? No, right? So be like a child in asking questions. Haven’t you noticed how they keep on asking questions until they have the answers? Be like that. Ask enough question. Get the help of other knowledgeable people out there. There is no shame in seeking knowledge at any age or any stage in your life. Keep an open mind towards knowledge. Learn from even a kid, if they are better than you. Get a good mentor. Learn new skills required for our job. Read books, take courses for the areas in which you need improvement.

  • Keep track:

Always keep a track of your achievements. Analyzing your achievements is equally important as working towards your goals. Your ultimate aim is to improve yourself, in whatever way you can. But without analyzing where you are right now, how will you know if you have progressed or not. So make sure you keep track on everything. The steps you have covered, the time you took to reach where you are, the methods implemented, what adjustments you need to make to fine tune your progress etc.

  • Keep away from distractions:

There will always be numerous distractions that comes you way, when you are set forth towards a goal. Discouraging words from others, your laziness and procrastination, lack of self esteem etc. Never let any such things let you down. You let go of your past failures. Do not pay attention to negative comments from others, they don’t know the real you, the efforts you have put in. It may not be fruitful at first, but your efforts will pay off in the end. Another major distraction could be social media. While they are necessary at times to keep yourself updated about the latest trends and news, it can be a huge waste of time if not used wisely. Try not to waste your productive time on it. Never get carried away, but use it wisely.

  • Take a break:

Between all the above juggling, you should never forget to take a breather occasionally. That’s right! Break time. Always find a certain amount of time to get relaxed and rejuvenated. It could be spending quality time alone or with your loved ones, meditating, playing sports etc. Or a better option – play with kids. The happiness it gives you is immense. When you play with kids, you play by their rules. And sometimes there won’t be any logic to those rules also. But don’t bother. Keep your logic away, just play. You will notice you have a lighter heart in the end.


Follow these steps and you will find that you are a better self in no time. Achieving personal growth is something each and everyone should always work on. When you watch yourself closely you will find areas that you need improvement on. Make it a habit to better yourself every day. Bit by bit. Implement these steps and analyze your progress. Work relentlessly towards your goal. Happy upgrading :).

Do leave your thoughts on comments below. I would also love to hear about your progress.

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